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This website is about finding haunted places, encountering ghosts, and investigating them.

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Encounter Ghosts is written and edited by author/researcher Fiona Broome.

About Fiona Broome

Fiona is fascinated by unexplained phenomena in everyday life, especially ghostly encounters.

Fiona BroomeIn the 1990s, she was one of the first researchers to share ghost hunting insights and tips, online. (That site was initially “Yankee Haunts” at GeoCities, and then HollowHill.com.)

She also offered the first (and most complete) free course for aspiring ghost hunters. Her free guidebook, Is Your House Haunted?, became an instant classic for anyone living in (or investigating) a building that might be haunted.

In 2010, she developed theories about parallel and alternate realities, and launched MandelaEffect.com.

Learn more about Fiona at her author website, FionaBroome.com