1c) Ghost Hunting Tools

Ghost hunting tools you’ll need

Two EMF meters and a faint orb, at Tenney Gate House, Methuen, MA.
Two EMF meters, spiking alternately, and the orb that floated between them.

You don’t need any equipment to go ghost hunting. Really. Don’t spend a cent until you’ve decided whether ghost hunting is for you.

As you go on ghost hunts, you’ll see that many ghost hunters use a flash camera, a digital thermometer, a voice recorder, an EMF meter (or hiking compass), or some divinatory tool such as dowsing rods.

However, most new ghost hunters and many experienced ghost hunters use no tools at all. They observe. It’s much easier to notice subtle things — whispers, odd fragrances, shadowy figures, etc. — when you’re not distracted by cameras, noisy meters, settings on your voice recorder, etc.

If you plan to use ghost hunting tools later, try a few ghost hunts without any tools, or with just a simple flash camera. (Go with whatever you already own or can borrow. The camera in your phone is fine, if it features a flash.)

Ask others if you can try their ghost hunting equipment when you’re on an investigation with them.  See how the equipment works, and if it’s interesting or too distracting. Get a sense of how ghosts contact you, before you invest in any tools.

For more about this topic, see my article, Basic tools every ghost hunter must have.

I’ll talk about new and more sophisticated tools, later.

Meanwhile, ghost hunting tools can make investigating more fun and more interesting. But, when you’re starting out, you don’t need to buy anything.

Next, let’s talk about an important subject: Protection from Malicious Spirits.

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