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Now that you’ve completed the Introduction to Ghost Hunting Course, you may download and print your Certificate of Completion. (That’s a Google Drive link.)

At the moment, the certificate still says “Hollow Hill” on it. That’s the name of my original ghost hunting website, dating back to 1999 or so. I’m preparing to relaunch that website with a wider range of paranormal topics, not just ghost hunting. It’s one of several projects in the works, for late 2016 and early 2017.

New certificate designs will be added, soon, along with a rather massive update to the course.


9 thoughts on “Course Certificates”

    1. Rashelle, I’m in the process of changing several of my websites so they’re organized in more logical ways, and easier for me to update.

      Meanwhile, the (old) Hollow Hill certificate is available at

      I hadn’t planned to mention this, yet, but I’m planning to relaunch with paranormal content covering a wide range of phenomena and kinds of anomalies. So, the certificate isn’t entirely outdated. Think of it as “vintage.”

      Cheerfully, Fiona

  1. This course was so informative. I have learned so much. I have wanted to get into this field for a long time and once i got over the caring whether my family or friends thought i was silly or not. I decided to just do it. I have always been sensitive to spirits. Having had many experiences as a child. I just wanted to make sure i could do it safely with proper information.

  2. Hey! I loved this course! It was really helpful! I need some help…how do I add my name on the certificate?

    1. Anushka, you can write it on the certificate, by hand. Or, if you have software that can modify a PDF (or work with the certificate as a graphic), you can type your name into the blank space. Then, print it for a professional look.

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