1b) The Basics


Things to think about before you go ghost huntinghaunted looking castle

Before your first ghost hunt, set your goals as well as your boundaries. When people don’t do this, they can lose their focus or continue ghost hunting long after it stops being fun.  Or, they spend too much money on ghost hunting tools and events before realizing that ghosts never interested them that much, anyway.

Think about why you’re interested in ghost hunting. If you’re keeping a ghost hunting journal (recommended), start by writing down your thoughts and interests in ghosts and haunted places.

What attracts you to ghost hunting?

Are you looking for proof of ghosts?

If so, what kind proof are you looking for? Decide this ahead of time.

Is your interest more scientific or spiritual?

Choose one and focus on that, at the start.

If you’re looking for scientific evidence of hauntings, you’ll focus on measurable phenomena such as cold spots and unusual EMF (Electro Magnetic Field).

If your interest is primarily spiritual, you’ll probably develop your sensitivity or psychic awareness.

Are you doing this for fun, and does it have to be fun?

Decide how frightened or bored (or cold, or tired) you’re willing to be.  Most ghost investigations involve a lot of sitting (or standing) around, waiting for something to happen.  Often, ghost hunting teams will spend two or more hours in the dark… and nothing happens. Everyone goes home, disappointed.

Important: Never stay at a haunted place when your “gut feeling” tells you to leave.  There’s usually a good reason, and it might be more about the living than the dead. Take no chances.  If you have the feeling you should leave… do.

Do you just want to see what ghost hunting is like?

If you’re simply curious, it’s okay to stop after two or three ghost hunts.

It’s all right to leave in the middle of a ghost hunt, too. You don’t need to explain yourself to anyone. Never continue ghost hunting after it stops being fun.

Focus is important. If you’re not paying attention, mischievous spirits can push you, isolate you from your friends, or do other startling things.

Even if the site is not haunted, the site may have dangers — snakes, spiders, gopher holes, or creepy people around the perimeter — and you might not notice them in the dark.  Stay alert.

To help clarify your goals, see my notes about Reasons for Ghost Hunting.

Next, we’ll talk about The Tools You’ll Need

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  1. As a kid i have felt the heavy feeling of being watched by something not so nice. As an adult I have seen full body applications been touched and talked to by ghosts.

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