Haunted House? Free Book, Checklist

Every day, people write to me about their haunted houses.  They want to know if they have ghosts or demons, or if they’re in danger.

I’m not at the house each of them is describing. I can’t diagnose the situation, no matter how clear the descriptions, photos and EVPs.

The only person who can tell what’s really going on is someone right there. (If anyone at a forum or website tells you differently, stay away from them.)

Anyone with a possibly haunted house can get help, right away, without spending a cent.

My free book and checklist can help them (and you) find an answer… usually within a short amount of time. To be sure that people know about these free resources, here are the links again:

Free ebook – Is Your House Haunted?

My classic how-to guide, Is Your House Haunted?, was free at the Author Club. Last time I checked (Feb 2016), that site was being revised. As soon as I hear that it’s back and you can download my book (and other ghost-related books) at Jason’s site, I’ll post the link here.

As far as I know, the old version of the book can be downloaded at any one of the following links. (If any link stops working, please use the Contact form to let me know.)

In the coming months, I’ll be replacing all book files with the 2016 edition, which I’m currently working on. It includes many changes from the original, which was written when we knew less about what can cause disturbances in your home.Is Your House Haunted?

Free, related checklist: Is Your House Haunted? Checklist (PDF will open in a new window)

Important reminder: You can share this free book and the checklist with others. It’s fine to post these PDFs at your own website, under my Creative Commons license.

It’s also fine (and free) to copy my HollowHill.com articles and post them at forums and at your website, as long as you follow my license terms.

[Thanks to Joanne W. for helping me restore this article.]

3 thoughts on “Haunted House? Free Book, Checklist”

  1. hello again.. I am looking to purchase the book is your house haunted.. Amizon is say it is out of print and not listed having stock… Wondering how I can purchase this book ???
    Your Artical When someone gets hurt is a great artical.. Thank you ron

  2. Is Your House Haunted? is a very good book , I just read the book
    on scribd and I been able to understand what happen to me in the past in a hunting house,also I feel more confident and secured , I don’t think I will be terrify any more with a paranormal experience, thank you for make this book accessible to every one.

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