Returning Soon: Hollow Hill

Soon (later in September), this website will return to its original location:

Yes, Hollow Hill is being restored, with most of its original articles, including some never moved to this site. We’re adding all the newer content from this site, too.

Right now, though the Hollow Hill URL displays only a maintenance page, a lot is going on behind the scenes.

I’m very pleased with this move.

Hollow Hill’s early history

In the mid-1990s, I started a GeoCities website about ghosts and haunted places.

In that era, ghost hunting websites were few and far between. The Shadowlands was one of them. Obiwan’s was another. I think TAPS was online then, too.

In 1999, when Yahoo! acquired GeoCities, I moved my articles to In the years that followed, that site grew and grew.

Fast-forward to early in 2014. With over 700 articles at Hollow Hill, navigation became too difficult. I thought moving those articles to topic-specific websites was the answer. (This website was one of them. was another.)

Bad idea. It failed. People had no idea where to find favorite articles.

Now, with new navigation tools, it’s time to move all the articles back to Hollow Hill. (And, until we set up redirects, this site will remain online, as well.)

We’re working on this project right now.

I like this!

Returning Soon: Hollow Hill

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