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Compliments Of Pick 3 Number Limits

Compliments Of Pick 3 Number Limits

When you are interested to win pick 3 Togel88 or any other lottery, you must be aware that the odds are quite possibly €math. The reason why you can’t win is obviously if you would win your favorable numbers in the pick 3 forecast, your talent is greatly limited. You see, in the pick 3 lottery, the numbers that are drawn are regardless of the order and regardless of the likeness. They are drawn at random. Therefore, if you are ordering the digits in your combination, if you would get the same digits in the draw, it means that you would have to the same order as the digits that were drawn.

In general, the best way to win the pick 3 forecast is to make the lottery an investment. Don’t play blindly. And rather be methodical with your implementation of the system. This means that if you order the numbers in your combination, you should to make sure that you are doing so in a scientific way. Otherwise, you could just be wasting all the money and effort.

The second thing to do is to choose the best combination. This is also a scientific way of choosing your numbers. Choosing the mathematical expectation of the numbers implies some math. Aside from using the formula to compute the mathematical expectation of the numbers, you should also apply it to the previous draws and previous months of the lottery. In this way, you will be able to forecast clearly the numbers that will likely to appear again.

The third and last step is to use the probability comparison. You should calculate the probability of your chosen numbers to appear again to be the same as the other winning numbers. You may do this calculation by calculating the probability of your number or choosing a number that is closer to your ideal number.

Aside from these strategies, you can also increase your chances of winning in lottery. You can do this by employing a lottery system. A lottery system is software that has been developed to help you choose the winning numbers. Using a lottery system will not guarantee your winning but will surely help you increase your chances of winning. It is not wise to depend on a specific system for winning; rather, you can upgrade from one system to another if you feel that the first one you used is not working for you. You have a lot to gain if you can turn your chosen system into a system that would work for you.

Making your own system is not that difficult if you have the right strategy. All you have to do is to use the right strategy and make your own system. This is the best way to increase your chances of winning pick 3.

There are a lot of people who have been making big money betting on sports. They do this to make their regular income. To do this, you have to get a proven strategy and follow it. I hope that these tips would help you in your quest.

Why a Poker University is the Best Way to Become a Professional

Why a Poker University is the Best Way to Become a Professional

Winning real money at poker seems like something you’d love to do. You’ve been playing poker with friends and family for years now, but are ready for something more challenging. You think you might be ready to try online poker. While learning the game of poker is easy enough, the strategies involved in winning more than you lose can be elusive. An online poker university may be just what you need to make the transition from kitchen table friendly games to winning some serious cash online.

Making the switch from playing with familiar (and Bolagila!) faces to playing opposite a machine bent on taking your bets is not as easy as it looks. It can be quite discouraging to lose several more hands than you win. There is no way to see the faces and body language of the other players online. You will need some education and training from a mentor. Then you will need to practice, practice, practice, and then practice again. Professional gamblers make it look effortless to them, but in reality they spend hundreds, sometimes even thousands of hours familiarizing themselves with the nuances and intricate details of the game.

At first you may win an occasional hand or two and lose quite a few.  Finding a mentor should be your primary scenario of how to win at online poker. There are peers who are better than you and you don’t want to waste your time and money learning from them. With some training and following instructions, you can be playing at the highest levels and make the money.

With any game of skill there are long term strategies, and short term plans. Your long term plans might include specific dates or times of day, or a set of favorite hands. Just like with anything else, if you put in some effort and educate yourself, you can plan your success and even your entertainment.

Playing online poker is different from playing at a friend’s house. When playing at home, you can be more open and comfortable in either a tournament or friendly with your home based opponents.

At online poker sites, you don’t have the face to face contact with your opponents that you would have against your home based opponents. Your only invitations to play are in an email. You must read an email that you receive from the poker site or any of the players, and join the poker room. Add to that the hurdle of a long distance phone bill and you’ve got a busy, but enjoyable, lifestyle.

At the end of the day, it’s still all about your poker. Play for play’s sake and not for any other reason.

The home poker room is communal, perhaps evenamas as your buddies, but the online poker room is quite different. You’re with people spread around the world, all at in a mental and online environment, all ready and willing to play.

I like to teach people about poker. If you know a friend who loves to play poker, or is a poker fan, you can learn from him online. You can discuss hands, win money, lose money and anything else that you want to. When you’re ready, you can play at one of the largest poker rooms on the net.

Just remember that while you may love to play poker, don’t assume that you know what to do. Learning poker is the newest and indeed the most exciting hobby in the world. Be patient and enjoy the ride. Poker is a the easiest game to learn but takes a lifetime to master. Tired of being called a quitter? Then learn poker today at

The Secret of Laying the Fives and Nines

The Secret of Laying the Fives and Nines

Pssst…! Wanna know a secret?

How about the secret of laying the fives and nines?

You probably know that the key to profits is the ability to place traps on horses. But if you don’t know how to do it, or don’t have the knowledge or know-how to implement it, you can do so much more simply by laying the fives and nines. In fact, laying any number gives you the same trapping opportunities as any other laying of numbers. Amazingly, you can bet almost anything and win if a couple of things happen. Before you learn how to do this, though, you have to learn how to recognise which fives and nines to play and which to avoid. To help you do this, in this article I’ll teach you how to recognise which to play and avoid.

When you are laying any number in the normal course of events, you are definitely “stuck” if you can’t get on theorses. But if you can recognise that the number is a “trap” and it’s coming… you can get on the horse. Similarly, when you lay the fives and nines, you are “stuck” – you can’t get off the horse. But if you can recognise that the number is a “trap” and it’s coming… you can get off the horse. To do this, though, you must first identify which numbers are “trap numbers” and then NOT enter the horse unless the number comes up.

Recognising Trap Numbers

There are several ways to identify trap numbers. The first thing to do is count the number of numbers in theInside Digitaleans that the horse is drawing. Free handicapping methods generally give you about six digits to work with. For example:


The numbers on the inside of the digits “024” are the ones you want to be playing. This means that if the horse is drawing one number, you should be playing at least two or three “024” or ” Naga303” digits in the second half of the outside numbers, i.e. the ” fullback”. The same is true of “forms” – don’t play any “form” until you’ve learnt at least four of the five digits that go with it.

The other way to identify trap numbers is to count the number of times a particular number has come up in the last couple of drawings. “Numbers favour trap” is about the only way to explain this but you can if you like. For example, if “25” has appeared five times in the last 20 drawing, it could be trap number for “25” the next time out.

Trap And Re-Trap Numbers

If you think about it, every number has the equal chance of appearing in trapping numbers. Statistically speaking, MI lottery is completely made up of equal numbers – it has no trap and can’t be re- traps. But an equal number can be a “safe haven” for other numbers, especially in a hot number’s run.

The fact that every number has the same chance of being drawn means that if you play a hot number, and that the number is drawn many times in the upcoming lottery drawing, then you are much more likely to find the number on the next ticket than you are to find it not drawn. I have no idea how you can decide what numbers to play, whether you, the ordinary player, can choose lottery numbers that are more or less likely to be drawn. I think that’s beyond the scope of the article but, in a way, you could ask yourself whether an ordinary person, well-meaning though he may be, can make up his mind to never again buy a lottery ticket in suchavigation. Can you?

Sports Betting - How to Choose Online Sports Book

Sports Betting – How to Choose Online Sports Book

jackpots and payouts aside, there is a lot of money to be made by betting online. The trick is to choose the right online sports book. When choosing a site to place your bets at, there are a few things you should consider.

  1. Is the sports book friendly

Not all sports book are created equal. It is a fact that less than 1% of sports book offer a very easy and friendly interface. So you really need to read about it, to know if it is one you want to choose. It is also important to know if they have other methods of payment other than credit card. Not all sports books accept all forms of payment.

  1. Lit shootout

First of all, this is the most commonly asked question. The point spread is the number of points the winner must win by for the bet to be a winner. The other consists of how much the bet was placed. In addition to this, you might also hear about other terms related to payouts, totals, proposition bets, and futures.

  1. Read the terms

Sportsbooks usually have a few different betting terms that you need to be aware of before you get carried away with a particular sports book. It is always important to double check the terms and conditions of a particular wagering product before you sign up and place your bets. You also need to know what the conditions are, before you accept them or not.

When you know how to read these, you will be more likely to bet wisely and you will not lose as much money as you could. It is also a good idea to get firesome with these before you start betting. Some of these offers are known to be very tricky and therefore it is important to know what they mean before you commit to them.

  1. Going to multiple sports books

If you are looking for a particular line, it is not a problem. However, if you want to look at several different lines in order to get a better line, it is a problem. Multiple sports books are operate in manner similar to brick and mortar book. You have to take into account that they are just machines which may or may not be human.

  1. Betting on only some games

Most good betting systems will help you to bet on the entire season or even the whole internet sports. If you are interested in only a particular sport or only some games, you need to choose the sport and only bet on it.

  1. Forget the money line

Most people focus on the money line and do not consider the point spread. The point spread refers to theartaOf wins or losses on your bet. Because of that, you need to bet more on the favorite team in order to help it win and to help it lose by not placing the bets on the least favorite team.

  1. The team plays

You need to consider the team’s performance when choosing bet. If the team has been doing well, you may bet on it. If the team has been disappointing, you need to keep away from it.

  1. The Playoffs

In the playoffs, the bets usually increase because the teams are focused on the Dewacasino. Still, you will need to look at the team and the players. Look at their previous performances and then at the current form. Examine the team’s performance during the playoffs and the playoffs before that.

  1. Championship

The NBA Championship is always a special event and a great platform to try and make some money. Some of the best opportunities to bet can be found in the finals of the championship. In order to bet, you will need to know the teams that will win the championship. This will help you choose the best opportunity to bet.

Learn to Master the Online Poker

Learn to Master the Online Poker

Texas Hold’em is the most favorite poker game in the rooms. You can find Hold’em in most of the rooms, ranked either high or low. It is easy to learn because of the simple structure and many actions involved in the game. When you play Texas Hold’em it is important to follow the following basic steps that will lead you to be a Great poker player.

In the beginning, you need to know the various hand rankings. There are 9 possible hands in Texas Hold’em. The rankings are: Loose- novice, Loose- decent, Loose- good, River-operated, River- advanced, One pair, Two pair, three of a kind, straight, flush, full house, four of a kind, straight flush, and royal flush.

It is good to know the rankings of poker hands because you do not want to repeat the mistakes made by other beginners. You need to remember that in these games the important point is to have more money in the bank than the other players. When you are in the last position you can play tight in the beginning and as you have more money in the bank you can play more aggressive in the end.

It is advisable to learn the basic poker strategies before you start playing with real money. You can find some of these basic tips and strategies in many books available. When you are playing with real money you will need to bet aggressively because most players tend to bet less in the beginning.

There are also some methods how to make you can bet aggressively. The best way to do this is to read some poker books and follow the poker strategy correctly. You need to concentrate on the weak points of your opponents and play against them accordingly. You will be able to win the game because of their mistakes.

The first week you play poker you need to get some poker basics learnt. When you are playing the game live, you will be able to identify the chances of your cards, but you need to learn how to read your opponents when you are playing online. You need to get a poker hand model running so that you can know the chances of your cards during the game. You should learn the chances of making hands, the chances of improving hands, the chances of chasing and straights.

The first thing that you should do is to choose a poker website. You need to choose a poker site that suits you because there are many poker sites available. You will be able to play poker using the bankroll method and skilled players. Before you start playing poker you should be playing with real money because that is the only way you can earn real money.

The poker room selection is very important because it is the first thing you will see. You need to pick a poker site that has many active players because you will be playing against real poker players. You should choose a poker site that offers the best rake and bonuses because it is important to increase your bankroll. The poker site selection is very important because you can spend a lot of time playing and you need to select the best site to make your profitable.

Before starting to play you need to choose a suitable site for you. You need to read a lot of reviews because the reviews of the poker sites contains the most important information and opinions about the poker sites. Every poker site has its own special offers and advantages and you should read the reviews because they are the most relevant information you need to choose the best site for you.

The play-through requirements are important because you need to vary the limits you play in because of the different experiences you might have during the Vegas88. The most suitable poker room for you depends on your personal experience, preferences and also the bankroll you have.

You should also consider the opponents when you are playing because most players have the same kind of playing style. If you play with strong opponents, you should consider playing more conservatively because your opponents can be strong while you are weak.

Experienced poker players play aggressively when there are only few players left in the game. When the game becomes longer, they start to play more and more aggressively to win the pot. When there are only a few players remain, the players play more and more aggressively to try to win the pot. In this poker room, you should consider using a mixture of tight-aggressive and loose-aggressive to play because it will benefit you. This is because tight-aggressive is the most suitable form of playing for you.

The problem with mixed playing styles is that you can suffer a lot of losses if your opponent is strong and your weak. If you always maintain a tight game, your opponents will always think that you are weak and are less likely to bet against you. On the other hand, if you are playing loose, a strong player may be able to easily defeat you.

How to Bet on Any Lottery

How to Bet on Any Lottery

So you’ve had enough of your Christmas gifts, the presents under the tree and you want to surprise your friends but you have no ideas what to buy them. Before the lottery actually starts you have a feeling of hope that this time will be different and you will win a lot of money. You are not alone. Everybody wants to win the lotto and live the life that the millionaire dream. Or at least like you do.

How to Bet on Any Lottery

Before the lottery actually starts you think a lot about what you want to buy and who you want to give your money to. You think about what your friends would want and how much it will make. You may even want to buy in advance because you won’t have to explain to your friends why you bought 2 wheel caps, 2 shirts, 5 pairs of shoes and 1000 opinions each day at the office.

Or you could buy cheap gifts like cheap plastic balls that the toy stores sell for a few cents. You get them and scratch them and you win a ball. But you don’t really want all all the hassle of buying cheap plastic balls and taking them to the finals. Why not buy your own cheap plastic balls and have a needle work on them instead?

Playing the lotto is something you can do with no worries if you please. You can make your own luck if you want to. You might not win the big jackpot but you can win enough to make your life a little happier. Nothing wrong with that.

To play the UK lotto all you have to do is pick six numbers from 1 to 49. You can also choose to fill in Togel Singapore, two lines or a full ticket. Or you can just use the quick pick option where the computer will automatically generate your ticket. By the way, the odds of winning the jackpot prize are as low as 1 in 14 million.

In the USA you can pick your own number and also have the option to have the drawing computer pick for you. Many people then buy a book of numbers with all those numbers in it. That way you are sure to win. And if you don’t win you can do it again with another book of numbers.

And now for something completely different. You know those television shows where they show you different lottery numbers that have hit in the last 10 years? Well, you could actually win the lottery yourself. Except that it probably won’t, won’t, won’t happen because of the drawing odds. But you could formulate your own scheme of getting the millions. You might want to formulate it so that you win next week and not next year. That way you will have a more bona fide chance of actually winning.

If you formulate your scheme and you pick your numbers, you can actually raise your chance of winning. If you have a friend who won the lottery, you could ask for his lottery number so that you could use his lottery number to win the lottery. Although you can’t ask a stranger for his lottery number, you can ask your close friends that are good at lotto to pick your number. Just make sure that you don’t make a plan with just your personal information, like your birthday, your address, phone number. That’s very risky because people can look for it. It could also land you in a lot of trouble if a spouse even look at it.

You can also use the same scheme with the flop and turn. If you get the turn and your number is the same as the turn number then you win. This would mean that you didn’t change anything even though you have already picked your lotto numbers. This happens rarely, but you could actually win with just a difference of a number.

There are few lottery software programs that actually guarantee that you will win. But, there are some that will give you a thousand dollars every week. Just remember that even if it’s almost impossible, there is still a chance. So why not try.

Where to Get an Internet Gambling Guide

Where to Get an Internet Gambling Guide

If you are looking for a gambling guide that will tell you the things you really need to know about online gambling, then look no further than the one you are looking for. Here you will find not only a list of what websites have what you are looking for, but also what game types they fall under as well as what operating systems these websites run on. By looking at this particular information, you can feel extremely secure in the fact that you are dealing with an insider inside of the casino world who knows just what you need to know.

The first thing that you will find inside of the website you choose is the address to the casino itself. Keep in mind that all of these Internet gambling websites know that you are interested in playing video poker, but they are not necessarily going to give you that. They are going to give you a website, but not necessarily a casino, so you will have to find another place to go to in order to play that particular game. Some of these casinos that you will find inside of Internet gambling websites are going to be quite general; they will feature games like keno, craps, and even badminton. Keep in mind that these are just websites and not necessarily the only casinos you can visit with these Internet gambling websites.

The next feature you might want to check out will be the amount of traffic that a particular casino is receiving. You want to make sure that the casino is receiving the amount of traffic that is necessary in order for you to have a good time playing. If the casino is not receiving any traffic, you can either find another casino online that is reputable enough to offer such games or you can look for another entirely different casino online entirely. Just remember that you will have to request for the traffic management higher than what you have been used to, and you will also have to pay for it.

Another feature that you might want to review will be regarding banking options; this is normally something that you will not have to worry about when you are playing in the actual casino. Some of the online gambling websites offer different options than the casino that you are visiting. For example, some of them may not have as much banking options as the casino that you are in. You definitely want to look around to make sure that you have enough banking options, especially if you are from the United States.

You will also want to look into what kind of features are included in the website you choose. You want to make sure that you have a lot of options available so that you are not really getting bored. You might want to look for a Vodka138 online with slot machines that you would like to play, or perhaps you would want to play roulette even if it is not the most popular casino game style. You will also want to look for an online casino that has a variety of different games rather than a one solely based on slots.

When you are trying to win some money while you are gambling online, you will want to make sure that you are betting wisely and not going to lose as much money as possible. You will want information about how much money you can lose rather than one that gives you the opportunity to win big money. The best websites to check out to learn more about online gambling are.

How to Win Bingo Games

How to Win Bingo Games

Bingo is a great game and a wonderful form of entertainment but let’s admit it everyone wants to win. Bingo is a game of chance. Anyone can play and everyone hopes to win. In order for a player to win, they must be able to predict the next number to be called. And so it is on a thrill and fun filled path to Bingo fun.

Of course Bingo fun is not just available to online gamblers. offline fun is also available and very much so indeed. Various tricks can be used in order to gain the upperhand. And this is about the fun of it. Some of these tricks are mentioned below so read on.

Obviously,erence, is there is no law in maintaining of a gambling regimen so it’s up to the player to take or not to take the highs and lows thus affecting ones health and vital processes How much one plays, one must know that gambling can be the matrix that helps one to relax and feel contented within him. It’s also important to stress that playing Bingo must be fun and not something that someone should do to forget about their responsibilities and responsibilities at home and work.

Following are some of the many tips that can be used to win Bingo games played over the internet, and even more so, in the B Moods.

There is no limit to Online Bingo games and although prizes may be differently as each site offers prizes of different values, in most cases, the players are actually divided into a maximum of five players and the site also gives the prize to the winner. So the player can also get a title if they are lucky enough to attain it.

Since the prizes are given by the QQdewa site and are only distributed within the maximum number of five players, one must be very careful to make sure that the correct person bids on every card and thereby avoiding the possibility of bidding when you should be the one bidding.

Due to the possibility of getting distracted during the game and missing out on the numbers and thus number of cards played, it is very important to play at a certain time period. Usually, most of the online bingo sites have a indicated times when the games will be played. It is actually good advice to also take this into consideration, since the kind of mood you are in also affects the way you play. It will be best if you examine the site properly during the games, at least, before you actually get into the game.

While choosing a site, it is also advisable to look at the available prizes. Most of the sites have big and small prizes, and the odds are usually more attractive for the players. However, it should be noted that the bigger sites usually have more players, which would mean the players are winning larger prizes.

There are many online Bingo games to choose from and the odds are usually very even or nearly even. The only thing that is important when playing online Bingo games is that you should put a lot of consideration in your choice of a game. This is because you don’t want to settle for a site that doesn’t offer the things that you really want.

Homepage is another important factor in choosing Online Bingo. Look at all the features that are offered on the Bingo websites and also check out the bonuses and promotions that the website offers. This would be one of the homepage features that would help you choose the best game to play.

Chances are, the people who have won the most money will also have the biggest number of points, and this can help you increase your chance of winning the game. It is also a big confusions point whether you can win multiple tickets with the same bonus offer. But usually, you can’t. The odds of winning a game are a lot higher if you choose multiple game portals.

Last, but not the least, of all the things that you’ll need to think about when playing online bingo games, is choosing the best sort of game. The best games are usually available in all portals. However, the actual quality of the game is not so important as long as you choose the game that would be suitable with your capabilities and omaha style.

How to Earn a Profit from Blackjack Rather Than Using so Called Blackjack Systems

How to Earn a Profit from Blackjack Rather Than Using so Called Blackjack Systems

As a new ie game that has only been released recently, perhaps you’re wondering how to earn a profit from it rather than using blackjack systems. More specifically, you’re probably wondering how you can learn the techniques to be a successful blackjack player. Well, read this article to find out how now.

It all starts with the base value of the cards. Cards 1 until 10 have the same value as their numbers. Face cards, however, are given a different value. A card with a face card has a higher value than a card with no face card. In blackjack this is particularly important, as high cards, (ie. King, Ace) have a better value than low cards (ie. 2, 3, 4).

Each player is dealt two cards. Card value is given according to the face value of the cards. All face cards, and Aces are valued at 10. Your cards are not shown to the other players, and you play with an element of surprise. This increases your chances of earning a more chips/money balance for a game.

However you keep increasing your chances of winning by card counting, a casino survival technique. The basic idea is to assign a value to each card played. If, for example, you have been dealt 5, you keep track of the cards until you’ve reached 17 or above. If you have below 17 you assign a value of -5, -4, +4, +3, +2, 0. A positive number means the cards are in your favour. If you have high cards in your hand, you assign a value of +5. This means the cards are out of the picture for the opponents.

Online blackjack works in exactly the same way. Early on in the game, you can watch for the “f Lift” option. Essentially this indicates if the cards in your hand are higher than normal. When you see this, you know to increase your bet.

Another tip is not to worry about hitting 20 or 21 on your hand. Rather, bet high because this is an indication of you being able to hit past 20. You can also bet high when the “door card” is in your favour. The “door card” is the numbered card in the middle of the face of the 7-card. This card provides you the opportunity to have a look at the others’ cards.

ences are numbered as 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. They can not be divided into two groups. On the other hand, you have the option of splitting the face cards. If you do this, you lose the value of your cards. The split face cards allow you to play with a double bet, that is two bets one on the face card and one on the 2-card.

hardly any Egp88 allows doubling down, (advantage to the player). Nevertheless, players sometimes win doubling down when they are dealt a 7 or 10 and the dealer shows a face card. Nevertheless, in many casinos, you cannot double down when your cards total 10 or 11 despite of the fact that the dealer has shown a 10. Most times the dealer refuse to accept the 11 as a real hand.

Yet, there are some instances that the dealer himself may go bust if he has an ace, a face card, or an ace with a king, and so on. When this happens, the player may be allowed to double down. Dividing the cards by 2, 3, or 4 is called the “high number” rule. Whilst doubling down, you can only double down on numbers 8 or higher. The casino is likely to stop this by forcing you to go through the window and back out of the casino.

It is okay to split the cards into 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6. Different card values mean a different maximum bet. You can not split an ace into two 8s, nor can you split a face card into two tens.

The best card to split is a ten-value card, such as an ace or a face card. Face cards are worth 10 each, and an ace is worth 1 or 11, it’s up to you to play. My favorite method is to always split the ace, a good rule of thumb is to never split more than two cards.

Now, when it comes to aces, face cards, and tens, they go hand in hand. For instance, a ten and an ace is an extremely strong hand. An ace and a face card is a stronger hand than an ace and a ten, but there are exceptions. Am I saying that if I wanted to play an ace and a ten I should just draw ten cards from the shoe? No, not at all.

Why Betting Consecutively is Not Always a Winning Strategy

Why Betting Consecutively is Not Always a Winning Strategy

There are many ways to bet on horse races or on any other sport for that matter. Each way has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. It is entirely up to the individual to decide whether betting consecutively or sequential.

In this article, I am not going to explain in detail both betting methods because it would add more weight to the rules I already stated. Rather, I will just give a couple of broad generalizations that apply to both methods.

Let’s start with the advantages of betting in sequence. If you are like me, you will probably bet on one horse per race unless it is a handicap or reserve game. My reasoning is that you have better odds of winning when you bet on the one horse per race and it is pretty much the only way to bet.

The advantage of betting in sequence is that you get to choose your betting mega88 in the same way. In other words, when betting in sequence, you get to choose your horses based upon the best odds available at the time. The only exception to this is when the favorite horse is forced to show.

When the favorite horse is forced to show, it is pretty much a dead bet. Since the odds are not good, you would have a better chance of winning by betting sequences alone. This is where systems that play upon selection of only good odds comes in. These systems allow you to still bet on good odds horses, but also take advantage of the fact that most horses run in runs of 60 to 70 plus races.

As you can see, betting consecutive numbers are not always the best way to win. When betting in sequence, you are taking a risk. It can be Queen number one all the way to the fill. When betting on the betting exchanges, you may still take risks, but your edge comes from the selection process. Queen number one may be a good bet around the house, but not the best bet in the whole of the yard.

Here is a proof of how betting in sequence can lose you money. In ten races, only one horse wins. If you made a prediction for that race, you would have a 22 to 24 percent loss. When you bet in sequence, you will usually bet on successful horses that have little or no chance of winning the race. Most importantly, when you bet in sequence you fail to take advantage of the fact that many horses regularly win and also, almost all are priced very low.

When you bet in sequence, you demand a lot of work on your part. You will have to watch each horse and remember their training and the conditions that day. When winning, however, you will be able to bet heavily and bring the odds to almost even money. (Although, that isn’t to say that you should never bet on a losing run. It is indeed valuable to get the money back just for the sake of probabilities.)

Queen number one may be a good bet in itself, but the smart punter will be more inclined to bet on a horse at even money, especially if that horse has some form of freshness added to it, or all other things considered.

When the going is light and you are fresh, you can punt on any horse as though it were a veteran. This is particularly true in handicaps, where you have both jockeys and contender in the same race. But if things get worse, you do not want to lose the contest, even if you think a horse is capable of winning.